Word vastu made of Sanskrit word 'vas' means leave. Thus Vastushastra is a scripture of leaving.

There are three types of myth or conversion in Indian scripture (1) Body conversion (2) Mind conversion (3) Fortune conversion. Different scriptures are made for above mentioned three conversions. For Body conversion Ayurveda and therapeutics, for Mind conversion Yoga and Music,and for Fortune conversion they made science of building and astrology.

As per Hindu Vedas ,after a request of god, Lord Shiva has killed devil named Andhkasur. At that time from sweat of Loard Shiva, a man was born and known as Vastupurush afterwards. After a long worship, Lord Shiva had granted a boon to Vastupurush and in his wish he asked to consume the whole earth. Lord Shiva had given favour of blessing, then Vastupurush had start to consume the whole earth. God Indra and others hadn't know about the blessings of Lord Shiva, they punish Vastupurush for the same. After that Vastupurush had told the whole story about blessings of Lord Shiva. So God had allowed him to consume the earth space which has architectural defects. Thus, till today Vastupurush is consume the part the earth, which has architectural defects and People can't leave there peacefully. As per Hindu vedas worship of Vastupurush is agreeable.

Vastushastra is also concern about how to choose a part of the earth. Indian Hermits(Saints) has search so many facts about architecture and it is also found in "Rigveda". In that ancient time, religion was the center point of peoples life. So we can see their creativity in temples. Afterwards people had used this architectural science in their personal life and to made life easy and happy. But due to long time span and change in nature of people, we forgot our very rare and valuable science given by our ancient hindu Saints.