Astrology :- An Idea to make our life happy and healthy


Sun, planets and constellation's math and future description is called astrology. Astrology is an eye of Hindu Vedas. Bookish knowledge is called knowledge while knowledge with experience is called science.


'Jyot' in Sanskrit means lightning. Word Jyotish(Astrology) is made using this word. In Shukla Yajurveda (30/10), Jyotishshastra (Astrology) is also described as "Constellation View". Planets and constellations places in the sky, when and how they rises and falls? , when they being vanished and free from light of the sun? , when and how eclipse occurs? , Distances from planets to earth and another planets etc. These are some of the examples which describe the work of this scripture of science.


The purpose of Jyotisha Shastra is to avoid problems before they arise. The aphorism, "Pull weeds early" describes a major purpose of astrology. Another quote states, "If you want to get rid of a snake, get rid of it when it is really small". In fact, Mahrshi Patanjali, a famous Indian philosopher who wrote the "Yoga Sutras", stated that it was important to know how to "avoid the danger which has not yet come". A good astrologer uses the tools of Vedic Astrology to forecast the times to promote events in one's life or to pull back, recognizing the indications point to some obvious serious risk.

God has given us intelligence and discrimination, which can and should use as much as possible. But there will come times when we are puzzled, dazed, or confused- not knowing what we should do, even after fully applying our reasoning capabilities. And some situations intrinsically are not amenable to our perception. In these situations, a person with good sense consults an astrologer.

A seeker's misuse of astrology is when he gives up using God-given abilities of logic, reason, and discrimination, and simply consults astrologers in the hope that one will tell him what he wants to hear. It is inappropriate to expect astrology to do our thinking for us. Astrology is a wonderful tool for forming policy, but it is not a substitute for responsible thinking. Astrology is an adjunct to life, not a substitute for living.

A typical sign of someone who misuse astrology is that they may go to very good astrologer, but then if they don't like what he predict they keep going to other astrologers until they find someone who tell them what they want to hear.They are either paying a person to lie to them or selling out money to successively more incompetent astrologers who can't read properly.